No matter what sort of property you have we can provide the optimum solution to help you take the greatest advantage of each area of your home.

Our aim is to turn your home into a tailor-made space. Create the kitchen you have always dreamed of, optimise your living-area to enjoy a maximum of natural light or turn your bathroom into a unique personal space.

What sort of project is right for you?

Renovating a Flat

Kitchen renovation

Bathroom renovation

Living-room renovation

Bedroom renovation

We can help you control your energy consumption

At Moabita we are aware that the construction and renovation sectors have a lot of impact on the environment. Our philosophy is to make as much effort as possible to be environmentally-friendly. We will, therefore, offer our knowledge to enable you to integrate the elements which will enable you to better manage your electric usage.

Building works made to last are not a luxury, they are a social requirement