Learn a bit more about us

Our team is made up of Irene, and Architect from Valencia and Thomas, an Engineer from Paris. Our experience in the construction sector and our passion for the world of design, architecture and projects have united to make Moabita, an on-going project for 2 years.

We love what we do, and you can feel it in every project we undertake. We promise to provide all the means available so that every job is in line with our quality criteria and professional procedures.

What is our priority?

That your refurbishment project be
an easy process for you with no surprises

Forget the stress, running over-budget, delays, poor workmanship and any other negative complication. Satisfaction guaranteed.

At Moabita we value the trust you afford us. That is why we promise to provide an estimate with fixed prices and deadlines. We know full-well that nothing is better than the satisfaction of a job well-done.

We are proud of the jobs we have been involved in and want you to be proud of your renovation.